Basic Packing

Included with the basic package of all of our moving companies is a basic packing service.

All the blankets and pads

Every sinlge item which goes on a moving truck has to be wrapped up in a moving blanket. That's a lot of blankets. And all those blankets would equal a whole lot of dollars. Dollars you'd probably rather spend on coffee. Or skydiving. Or...Anything other than moving blankets. So we send all the blankets.

  • The movers dissassemble all the items which need to be taken apart
  • The movers tag and bag every set of nuts, bolts, washers and screws
  • The movers wrap everything in moving blankets and pads before loading them onto your moving truck
  • The movers check if there are any packing materials you need, or if there are any items you need to have specially packed