Loading and Unloading

Included with the basic package of all of our moving companies is a loading and unloading service. Because loading a moving truck isn't fun.

All of the labor

So what exactly does it mean that we do all of the loading and unloading? Just like it sounds. Leave everything right where it is. We will also take care of all dissassembly and reassembly. Seriously.

  • The movers dissassemble all the items which need to be taken apart
  • The movers tag and bag every set of nuts, bolts, washers and screws
  • The movers wrap everything in moving blankets and pads
  • The movers carefully carry all of your items outside
  • The movers get everything up on to your moving truck
  • The movers neatly and carefully stack all of your items on your moving truck
  • The movers give you a call and let you know when we will be arrive with your delivery
  • The movers carefully unload all of your items off your moving truck and bring them inside
  • The movers bring their tools in and reasseble all of your items
  • The movers place every single item exactly where you want it set up
  • The movers hook up your washer, and dryer, double check that all the nuts are tightened, and make sure you are happy
  • The movers double check the truck to make sure all of your things have found their way home